Test facilites

High Voltage Tests

Power frequency

Dry and wet up to 350 kV (50 Hz)

Lighting and switching impulse

Up to 720 kV

High Power Tests

Short circuit from standalone generator

Up to 100 kA for 1 s (220 kA peak)
Up to 75 kA @ 420 V

Up to 40 kA for 100 ms DC current

including internal arcing fault

Short circuit supplied by grid

Up to 10 kA for 0,1 s and up to 1150 V, including making & breaking test

Temperature rise test

Up to 10 kA AC, including thermal cycles

Up to 7 kA DC

Other tests

IP45 on switchgear up to 1000x1000x2400 mm (500 kg)

Lifting test up to 100 kN

Mechanical functionality