Research facility

The research activity of LATFC is strictly integrated by the industrial needs in the field of electrical development of new and innovative products. The laboratory facilities are designed for the implementation of new research and testing needs.

Future equipment, aimed at renewable energy, e-mobility and smart systems in general will increasingly require an integrated validation of functionality and safety, for the resilience of an electrical system that is increasingly the backbone of the energy plan.

In the field of Low Voltage there is a lively discussion on raising the upper limit for the definition of the same, with the aim of reducing the current values ​​in the plants and consequently the losses. This front is also driven by the growing role of electrical systems.

The same aspects are also of interest to the railway sector, driven in recent years by innovations related to the energy improvement of the system and the need to reduce losses and account for consumption.

Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes

Herarchical open manufacturing europe

Metrology for smart energy management in electric railway systems